Johnny Hallyday

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 Paris’ Entertainment Revolutionary Johnny Hallyday is considered a forerunner of French rock and is still at it with an upcoming world tour and a new album. Born John Philippe Smet on 15 June 1943 to Belgian father Léon Smet (1908–1989), and French mother Huguette Clerc (1920–2007), he was soon to be regarded by some

CHRIS REA - Part 1

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chris rea rock star1977

Aug Inspired by the music of Joe Walsh and Ry Cooder, among others, singer-songwriter/guitarist Rea (b. Mar. 4, 1951, Middlesbrough, Cleveland), while working in his family’s ice cream parlor in Middlesbrough, and doing part-time laboring, bought his first guitar at the age of 19, becoming proficient enough to join local professional band, Magdelene, in 1973, whose singer David Coverdale has just left to join Deep Purple, when he also began honing his songwriting skills. Cutting a one-off single, So Much Love, for Magnet Records in May the following year, Magdelene changed its name to the Beautiful Losers in 1975, and won Melody Maker’s Best Newcomers Of 1975 award, though little further progress was made. Rea now splits from the group, to sign to Magnet as a solo artist, and works with producer Gus Dudgeon on a debut album. The Beautiful Losers dissolve (and Rea will later estimate that by the end of the band’s career, around 30 members have passed through its ranks).


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pop star Anita Baker1983

June Having replaced lead vocalist Carolyn Crawford in Detroit, Mi-based Chapter 8 (a soul outfit formed by Michael J. Powell in 1971) in 1976, Baker (b. Jan. 26, 1958, Toledo, OH) has already recorded US R&B chart entries I Just Want To Be Your Girl, Ready For Your Love, Don’t You Like It and Chapter 8 with the group before quitting the line-up in 1980, to settle into an office job in Detroit while simultaneously looking for a solo recording deal, which she finally secures with US independent R&B-based label, Beverly Glen. Her debut solo release is a soaring soul ballad, No More Tears, which now makes #49 on the US R&B survey, to be be followed by the top five R&B hit Angel in October.


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about michael jackson pop music1963

Weaned on the music and stage presentation of Jackie Wilson and James Brown, Jackson (b. Michael Joseph Jackson, Aug. 29, 1958, Gary, IN) is seen by his mother Katharine practising dance steps in front of the mirror having already seen him perform Climb Every Mountain for his kindergarten class the previous year. She and her husband Joe are keen to nurture and promote their offspring’s musical ability. With Joe as manager, Michael will join four of his brothers, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon, to form the Jackson 5, also sometimes performing as the Ripples & Waves Plus Michael. With Michael as their lead vocalist, they win a succession of talent shows, their first “non-contest” performance being at the opening! of a Big Top supermarket. A local fixture by 1965. 1 they enter - and win - a local talent contest at Roosevelt High School in Gary, performing the Temptations' My Girl.


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about star George Harrison1968

Nov [1] Having co-written Hurdy Gurdy Man (though he will remain uncredited), a UK #4 hit for Donovan in June, Harrison (b. Feb. 24, 1943, Wavertree, Liverpool, Lancs. - only in his 40s did Harrison discover that he was bom at 11:42 p. m. on the 24th and not, as legend dictated, in the early hours of the 25th) becomes the second Beatle to issue material independently of the group (under his solo name, Paul McCartney has previously scored the music for the December 1966 movie ‘The Family Way”), with the eastern-flavored album Wonderwall Music, the soundtrack to the film “Wonderwall”, which will reach US #49. It is notable as the first long-player to be released on the Beatles’ own Apple label and coincides with Harrison’s current seven-week production stint in Los Angeles, CA, helming Jackie’s Lomax’s Apple debut, Is That What You Want?


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beatles groupJohn Lennon (vocals, rhythm guitar); Paul McCartney (vocals, bass); George Harrison vocals, lead guitar); Ringo Starr (vocals, drums)


July [6] The Quarry Men Skiffle Group, after aditioning for Carroll Levis’ “TV Star Search Show” at te Empire Theatre, Liverpool, Lancs, a month earlier, are playing the St. Peter’s Parish Church Garden Fete, foolton, Liverpool, when Ivan Vaughan, who had been the Quarry Men when they were known as the Black cks, introduces the group’s lead singer, Lennon (b. hn Winston Lennon, Oct. 9, 1940, Woolton, verpool), to McCartney (b. James Paul McCartney, ne 18, 1942, Liverpool), at the end of the band’s set. cCartney impresses Lennon with his ability to tune a itar and his knowledge of rock’n’roll lyrics.

ABBA - Part 1

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Abba roock groupBenny Andersson (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals); Bjorn Ulvaeus (guitar, vocals); Agnetha Faltskog (vocals); Frida Lyngstad (vocals)

1969 Aug Ulvaeus (b. Apr. 25, 1945, Gothenburg, Sweden), who formed folk band the West Bay Singers with friends from school in 1963, and Andersson (b. Goran Bror Benny Andersson, Dec. 16, 1946, Stockholm, Sweden), former piano player with the Hep Stars (a group which sold more records than the Beatles in Sweden) have met at a party in Vastervik, Sweden in 1966, subsequently striking up a songwriting partnership, which has included the formation of a publishing company, Union Songs. Having changed their name to the Hootenanny Singers and been brought to Stockholm at the invitation of Stig Anderson, the duo are signed as the first act on his Polar label.